things we think about when not working

SB Adds New Partner

We’re excited to welcome a new Partner to Strategic Blend. Severan Johnson has been a cheerleader, collaborator and occasional client over the last few years, and we couldn’t be happier to have his vision and experience as part of our team....

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SHow and tell may 10

SHOW AND TELL – May 10, 2016

1. Gamers Paving The Way You may not think it possible for videogames like Halo to be influential factors in the way we work. Well believe it our not videogames are paving the way to innovation. Don’t glance past the power of gaming so quickly! Give...

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show and tell may2

SHOW AND TELL – May 3, 2016

1. All Aboard Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has proven his ability to gain followers with his skills he has acquired in his business endeavors. He has a Horde Of Loyal Followers. Take a look at his tactics! 2. Thirsty? Thirst no more! The Queen...

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Show and Tell 4- 26

SHOW AND TELL – April 26, 2016

1. Prepare To Succeed To think that you can run a marathon without training is ridiculous. To expect to graduate college and immediately become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company is near impossible. Achieving success calls for preparation, time and commitment. By failing to prepare...

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Show and tell 4-19

SHOW AND TELL – April 19, 2016

1. Age Of Social Media Social media was a major game changer. Branding has been vamped up now that businesses are able to get their names on the market much quicker. The power of digital communities created through social media make for a greater reach rate....

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Show and tell april 12

SHOW AND TELL – April 11, 2016

1. Coming To You Live From Facebook Mark Zuckerberg felt left out, so he decided to join the game and implement live video into Facebook. It’s what everyone is raving about; why not give in? Fair warning: live video will be very present and very encouraged...

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